Product Liability

product-liabilityD.C. and Maryland Product Liability Attorney

When you purchase an appliance, toys for your children or an automobile, you expect that there have been numerous safety checks before the item hit the market. Unfortunately, we often hear about products that have defects that are not identified for months and in some cases, years after a product was available for sale.

Common Causes:

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Inaccurate/Misleading descriptions of products
  • Product affects the health of its user

Like most personal injury cases, your product liability case will most likely settle out of court at an agreement that both parties can agree on.  The Maryland and D.C. Product Liability attorneys at Morris LLP and their team can get you the compensation you deserve for the following:

  • Lost wages and future income
  • Pain, Suffering and Mental Distress
  • Funeral Costs (in the event that a loved one passes)
  • Medical Bills
  • Property Damage

Claims of negligence include the fact that it is the manufacturer’s duty to make sure that the products produced and released to the public are safe for their use To prove your claim you must establish:

  • The manufacturer did not carry out this duty/responsibility
  • The manufacturer’s negligence was the cause for the consumer’s injury
  • The product caused a substantial amount of damage to the consumer

Appliances in your home can have electrical issues that can cause fires resulting in burns or property damage. If your auto brakes fail, you could be involved in a Maryland or D.C. car accident and suffer crippling injuries including paralysis or severed limbs. Manufacturers are responsible for injuries that consumers suffer when a product is found to be defective. Regardless of what type of product has resulted in an injury or illness contact the Maryland and D.C. Product Liability attorneys at  Morris LLP at (301) 731-1000 for a free case evaluation. We’ll determine what your best course of action is after determining whether the product is in fact defective and what the manufacturer has done to correct their mistake.  There is no fee unless we win your case.  Therefore, we are selective in the Product Liability cases that we accept.  This ensures that we can put the firm’s full resources behind your case.

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