Premises Liability

Premises LiablityD.C. and Maryland Premises Liability Attorney

Accidents sometimes are unavoidable but when an accident is caused because someone failed to post proper warnings about a hazard such as a wet floor, broken handrail or other property defect, you can hold them accountable for their lack of action. Stores, shopping centers, doctors’ offices and even schools have an obligation to ensure their property is maintained in a manner which keeps it safe for those who are visiting.

It is a merchant’s obligation to the customer to maintain a safe environment. Keeping the floor free of hazardous material and notifying the customer when an area is hazardous (i.e wet floor sign) is part of that job.

It is your job as the injured person to document:

  • When the accident took place
  • Note whether or not there were signs noting that the area was hazardous
  • Record where the accident took place and the business
  • See  if there are witnesses if possible
  • Document any images of your injuries
  • Document any medical attention that was needed.

Your purpose on the property also plays a role in determining who is at fault for your injury. You may fall under one of the following categories:

  • Invitee -a person who is invited to a particular place or land by the owner. This person may be there for business or a part of the general public. When you are invited to a particular place (i.e as a consumer) it is the responsibility of the owner of that land to take the necessary precautions in ensuring the safety of the invitee during the time that they are occupying the land.
  • Licensee- a person who is occupying land that is not open to the general public but has been granted permission by the owner. The owner may also be at fault in the event that a licensee is endangered on their land.
  • Trespasser- a trespasser is a person that is occupying land that they have no right to be own and have not been granted permission by the owner. In this situation the trespasser is not entitled to the safety precautions that are set for people in the previous categories as they have no business being on the land.

When you are injured on someone else’s property in Maryland or D.C. and you believe the cause is improper maintenance, poor lighting or other hazard that could have been prevented, you should contact the DC and Baltimore premises liability attorneys at  Morris LLP at (301) 731-1000. We can help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We help hold property owners accountable when they are at fault for your injuries.


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