Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home NeglectD.C. and Maryland Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Nursing home neglect is frightening since we depend on these caregivers to provide our loved ones with safe housing and around the clock care. When your loved one displays signs of neglect or abuse, it is important to hold the responsible parties accountable for their action or lack of action. To prove a loved one has been neglected, one must first establish that there was not a reasonable level of care provided to them. Victims may suffer bedsores which can result in infections, their personal hygiene needs may not be cared for properly or they may not be getting adequate nourishment.

Types Neglect/Abuse:

  • Stolen items
  • Emotional Abuse: includes humiliation and harassment. Elders who have been subjected to this may be emotionally detached, cry, fearful, etc.
  • Physical Abuse: victims may have bruises, broken bones unattended to, etc. It is extremely suspect if the injuries are consistent and passed off with a repeated excuse. It is also suspect if the nursing home does not seek medical attention for serious injuries. Under this category also includes sexual abuse.
  • Negligence: This includes improper care of the elderly. (i.e personal hygiene care, nutrition, etc)

The elderly are very delicate beings. Any form or amount of neglect and abuse can cause severe damage. It is imperative that you take action when noticing any signs of negligence towards your loved one.

If your loved one is being cared for in a nursing home in Maryland or D.C. and you do not feel their physical and medical needs are being properly addressed, you may be able to seek compensation to allow you to place them in another facility or have private nursing care. The DC and Bowie Nursing Home Neglect attorneys at Morris LLP can help you explore your options. Call us today at (301) 731-1000 for a free consultation and review of your case.

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