Foreclosure Exceptions

Foreclosure Defense & Loan ModificationD.C. and Maryland Foreclosure Exceptions Attorney

When your home has been sold at a foreclosure auction, you may think you have no rights. Maryland and D.C. both have non-judicial foreclosure proceedings but lenders have certain obligations of notification pre-foreclosure sale and they also have an obligation to ensure they get the best possible price for the home they are selling. Because both states allow lenders to file a lawsuit against you in the event the home sold for less than what you owed, you have other rights you may not be aware of. Foreclosure exceptions are the rules that are applicable in this case. Borrowers who feel the lender did not provide the proper sale notifications or who feel their home sold for less than what it should have may have the right to file a suit against their lenders.

In effect, you are going to ask the judge to rescind the sale of your home because the lender did not list the home at a high enough price to help mitigate the amount they potentially can sue you for later. Lenders have an obligation when selling a home at auction to get the best possible price available in the current market. If you have lost your home to a foreclosure sale, contact Morris LLP at (301) 731-1000 and we’ll explore whether a foreclosure exception applies to the sale of your home.

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