Boat Accidents

Boat AccidentsD.C. and Maryland Boat Accidents Attorney

The waterways of D.C. and Maryland are a source of enjoyment for boaters, those operating Jet Skis and swimmers. However, being that Maryland is home to so many waterways such as the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay, Jug Bay, and more, the area faces many boating mishaps. Every year, hundreds of people are injured in boating accidents on our waterways. Boaters must obey similar rules to those required of people operating motor vehicles on the highway. Boaters have an additional responsibility to pay attention to those who are water skiing or swimming and must also be aware of other recreational vehicles.

Injuries may result from:

  • Having too many passengers
  • Failing to use life jacket/other safety measures
  • Improperly operating the boat
  • Colliding with other boats/ water vessels
  • Mechanical issues

If you are not the operator of the boat or other form of watercraft and you fall victim to the negligence of the operator or owner of the boat, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. At Morris LLP you will find determined and compassionate advocates for your case.

It comes as little surprise that causes of boating accidents are similar to those we see on roadways. Inexperienced operators, operating a boat while intoxicated and distracted boating are leading causes of accidents on waterways. Boat accidents can cause serious injury and some victims may die from drowning. If you’ve lost a loved one or suffered an injury because of careless boat operation, contact the Maryland and D.C. Boat Accident attorneys at  Morris LLP at (301) 731-1000 for a free case evaluation. We will fight hard to hold the responsible boat owner or operator financially liable for your financial and personal losses.


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