Bicycle Accidents

Bike accidentD.C. and Maryland Bicycle Accidents Attorney

Bike riding is an activity used to conserve energy, sight see and for mere enjoyment. However, bike riders often have to trust that auto operators are paying attention and following the rules of the road. When you’re struck by a car while operating a bike, you have very little protection from injuries. Bike riders can suffer minor injuries such as scrapes and road rash but can also suffer more serious injuries including broken bones and head, neck, or spinal injuries.

Cyclists in Maryland and D.C have similar rights and regulations as actual drivers. In any situation it is the responsibility of the cyclist to act in a way that prevents them from  jeopardizing their own life or the lives of others. General rules for this include:

  • Riding with the flow of traffic
  • Exercising care when passing
  • Using bike lanes when available
  • Yielding right of way to pedestrians
  • Front white light and rear red reflector or light when dark

Driver Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping at least 3 feet of space between the driver and cyclist
  • Not opening doors of the vehicle when it may interfere with the cyclist
  • Not intentionally/unintentionally blocking the pathway of a cyclist or hitting them

In the event  that these roles are not fulfilled, the individual impacted has suffered an accident caused by the negligent behavior of another person. Bike riders in Maryland and D. C. who have been injured after being involved in an accident with an automobile or truck may have grounds to file a personal injury suit against the other driver if they acted in a negligent manner. We’ll help you review the causes of the accident and hold the responsible party financially accountable. The DC and Baltimore personal injury lawyers at Morris LLP are experienced in representing bicyclist injured because of the carelessness of other motorists.  Call Morris LLP at (301) 731-1000 for a free case evaluation and we can discuss your options.  There is no fee unless we win your case.


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